To the point instructions for web services I find interesting.

Opera Software develops the Opera Web browser, a browser for a wide range of platforms, operating systems and embedded Internet products. No need to type your passwords or user names. Compared to your average news reader it efficiently tracks and sort a whole lot of rss feeds without disturbing it's user. It supports mouse gestures, keyboard commands, can zoom pages, save your sessions, continue surfing where you left off, make mouse gestures with links and even allows you to dive into greasemonkey. The seamless combination of surfing, rss, email and chat make it the browser of my current choice. I'm afraid to say it's A whole lot better as firefox. But it is.

Enhance Google search results by adding extra information. It uses Google Suggest when you search, adds links to other search engines and to WayBack Machine, go straight to the images, secures Gmail with https, filter websites from search results. I suggest you keep the adds to allow google to make more nice stuff for us.

Request an invitation for A blog platform supporting categories and a large number of exclusive customizations. The ability to sort posts by almost endless criteria is a clear advantage over Blogger. I assume the new invitation only service includes a web host, getting started with it use to be time consuming and present a large learning curve to those that are new to web hosting. This effort is more as worth it as it makes you easy to identify as a serious publisher.

A search technology focused on blogs. Blog Search enables you to find out what people are saying on any subject of your choice. Results include all blogs in all languages. The index is continually updated. "Advanced Search" has options to specify titles, authors, languages and more. Search results can be sort by relevant or recent results. The Blogger version, has "use search options". This will show a few advanced options to search within a specific blog, service or date range. The goal of Blog Search is to include every blog that publishes a site feed. Results update faster than web searches and have precise posts and date ranges. Atom and RSS feeds for the top 10 or 100 results. What happened to do no evil google?

I use quite a number of firefox extensions, I think it's save to say that having extension conflics is not uncommon above 20 extensions. I made a selection and tested until I had a huge set of nice gadgets and tools that would even work as a whole. I just hit update and the set was to be expected not to work. Running firefox in safe mode after it didn't start anymore I found myself eliminating close to the whole list. And growing something I would call a firefox depression, how was I to use this browser like I was used to? I did a few googles and found Tab Mix Plus. Now this looks interesting! It does.... It does..... man! It does everything I need! We are not worthy!

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Mark some of your favorite weblogs and track updates in various formats. I specially like the opml export. I cant remember where I found it but the bookmarklet to add pages to your list is here, just drag it to your bookmarks toolbar. If you use firefox with an extension to open bookmark in a new tab you will have to hold alt to force it to load in the same window.

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FeedBurner is a really usefull service to make your rss feed more readable. But it also offers other nice features, Personally, I like the buzzboost a lot. This is probably why you see all over this blog.

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The template for Factuurexpress is starting to look like something. I should start posting things but don't have any schedule for this at the moment. I keep a bit to much blogs but intend to make frequent updates here. I will blog short descriptions of various services I've used and think are worth checking out. The sidebars are to make sure you always find something worth reading. Now lets hope google wont punish me for being to index-like. I do tend to twist things by my own view so I say it's a blog so it is a blog. I hope you like it have fun learn lots of things and grab the atom.

Pingoat pings a number of services that keep track of weblogs and publish them. By pinging, you let the services know that your blog has been updated, they crawl publish and index your content, increasing popularity.

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